An American Story: My Family & Yours

The Heart of a Family: A Historical Perspective

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith

The greatest gift one can have is to belong to a family where love, devotion and genuine caring are practiced.  A caring family’s love is unconditional.  It applauds you when you succeed, and empathizes when you fail—recognizing that failure is simply the long way to success—a success that grows out of trials and tribulations, ups and downs, valleys and mountain tops.

This book emerged from a person’s desire to leave a legacy for future generations, and in so doing, enable them to define their identity, underscore their birthright and enlarge their posterity.  It will reach into the annals of history and discover mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sister and brothers who removed the branches of poverty, unwound the threads of discrimination and paved the way to success.

Three distinct family historical records were looked at, but extended research was only made on two:  the Fergusons and Dotsons.  The Smith Family was referenced

to indicate the lineage of the spouse of the writer.  However, the genealogy of the Ferguson and Dotson families, using word of mouth, autobiographies, books, obituaries, family pictures, birth records, public records, census reports and ancestry websites to acquire authenticity and accuracy, was examined as conclusively as possible.

You will share experiences of Robert and Oneita Ferguson—in many instances in their own words.  Since history lays the foundation of a person’s life through observations, personal experiences, community and world developments, this book will pinpoint many events paralleling the lives of the Fergusons and Dotsons, and the impact it had on them and the country.   You will discover how they handled individual and collective conditions and challenges that have served as a foundation to life for their children and generations that followed.

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