Leadership Versus No Leadership

  Giving thoughtful reflection to the phrase “leadership versus no leadership,” one wonders if in many instances, no leadership is the better choice.  Most of us have been a follower in an organization where we knew “no leadership” was the … Continue reading Leadership Versus No Leadership

Developing Family Relationships

The key to developing family relationships is growth and maturation. Mature thinking over childish behavior is usually the best alternative. The mission of a successful family is unity…working together for a common goal. ONE FAMILY, HELD IN THE GOSPEL OF LOVE Who is this one family?  What does it mean to be held in the gospel of love? Is this a place every person can expect to reach, or is this a fantasy?  How does one build solid family relationships? The answers to these questions are at the root of family ties–ties separate a mother from daughter, father from son, … Continue reading Developing Family Relationships