Family-Oriented Leadership vs. No Leadership

What is a family-oriented leadership?  What does the word family-oriented mean?  What does leadership mean?

A simple definition for ‘family-oriented,” is putting the family first, doing things in the best interest of the family, being an example for members of the family and certainly placing value on the legacy that will be left behind for future generations.  It means watching what one says, does and advocates as values digested and passed along.

Leadership?  There are numerous qualities that define leadership:  trustworthiness, goal-oriented as opposed to self-oriented, staying focused on a mission that serves a common goal, integrity, sincerity and the ability to positively engage others in decisions that serve, rather than denounce.

This writer sees Americans as belonging to a family–a family of countrymen with common goals that spell unity, cohesiveness, freedom, justice and equality for each of its citizens.  There is no room for self-driven leadership, divisiveness.intolerance based on race, color, gender, religion or sexual orientation.  Each citizen has the same inalienable rights as another.

When these values are challenged by the leadership, Americans who care must rise up and re-connect, redirect and bring us back to the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

The current leadership is a mass of confusion, distortion, lies, manipulation and the development of one crisis to the next.  No family or nation can advance positively under these conditions.  A citizen’s group is in formation to protect our democratic values and national security because the Republican led Congress and Administration are failing to do so.  Another group has called for the “impeachment of the President” because it feels Congress will not do so, even if it is clear the process should begin.  Women organizations are rising up in greater numbers than we have seen before to run for state and federal offices, and denounce gender discrimination, spousal and sexual abuse.


America…America… where art thou?



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