A Review of “An American Story Story: My Family and Yours”

An American Story Book Cover


An American Story: My Family and Yours, is not only an American story, but a worldwide story—a story that shares the emotions, fears, experiences and challenges every family in the human race can relate to.  It underlines the idea, that a human problem is a world problem because the world suffers from it in some way—sometimes visible and sometimes invisible.

Humanity shares the same emotions, hardships and successes because it lives in a human vacuum—a vacuum that loves, hates, forgives, suffers and dies.  Families work together and families work against each other, but when faith and love conquer thought, they forgive each other and move on.

My family, is only a representation of your family, and collectively, we are a microcosm of the world family.  This is why you can and will relate to this book.  The author’s pain becomes your pain, and her joy makes your heart overflow. Ferguson Children You will see faith, courage and inner peace lived because it identifies with your faith and courage.  As you read, her family will be replaced by your own personal experiences with your family.

Whatever emotions this book generates, sad or happy, success or failure, it will lift the veil from your eyes, and the light that fills your thoughts will make you say, “I’m better because I read this book …”  So … jump on board and take the ride with her.  The journey is worth it!


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