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Words by Dr. Mamie Smith – Third Child

As I thought about my mother’s birthday today, I contemplated what I would say.  Then … I asked myself, “What is the thread that runs through her life for 95 years?”

Answer:  The qualities she expresses.  Let me give you a few:

  • Tenderness, warmth, nurturing, administering, love, compassion and encouragement.
  • She had the ability to detect what each of her children needed, and supply it.
  • I would like to share at least one quality my mother saw in each of her 14 children and nurtured it.

Daree – Child #1 – Responsibility – Taking Charge.

Sis Daree took that quality very seriously, and when Mom and Dad went downtown and left her in charge, she cracked the whip and made ol’ Zip and me “tow the line!”  Everyone needs to be responsible.

Zeporah – Child #2 – Giving of Oneself.

Zip, as she is most often called, was and is very giving, sometimes to her own detriment.  Mom encouraged and nurtured that ability to share in Sister Zip.

Mamie – Child #3 – I’m that child, so I’ll skip over that and allow my siblings to handle that one. 

You guys better say something good! (LOL)

Gloria – Child #4 – Steadfastness.

Gloria’s husband was the first to pass away of Mom’s children, and I recall the courage and unwavering determination she exhibited in the face of adversity.

Bobbie – Child #5 – Humility.

Sometimes, having the ability to surrender, not out of fear, but out of respect, is a trait that is very useful in the world today.  Stubbornness is not the ‘way to go’ in most instances.

Robert – Child #6 – The boy Dad looked for, for many years.  Finally … he got him!

My mother molded him to be the cornerstone of the family.  If you look at the family today, you will see that.  A cornerstone is needed to build a perfect house.  It also shows the strength of the house.

Shirley – Child #7 – Practicality –  Look around now .. Shirley did this!

Sis Shirley gets things done–fast, simple and with as little headaches as possible.

Ruby – Child #8 – Determination.

Years ago when Sis Ruby gave up her nine to five job to go into business for herself, many of us thought, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, that is, if she wants to eat and pay bills.”   However, through her determination, she has built a successful business.

DeLois – Child #9 – Community Service.

DeLois has a message she enjoys sharing with the world.  It may not be the message one wants to hear and she takes lots of adverse reaction from that, but she faces these challenges and continues her message.

Aubreydella – Child #10 – Caregiver . . . and she’s funny too!

Della has at least two (2) nursing facilities in which she aids some of society’s most deprived individuals.  It’s a job I do not have the temperament for.  I applaud her!

Lonnell – Child #11 – Builder- Putting thing back together! 

Mom saw that in him at a very early age and nurtured and encouraged it.  He’s the one I call when stuff tears-up at my house!

Michael – Child #12 – One of Michael’s greatest qualities is his sense of humor.

Being able to look at the world through different lenses and not take it seriously, even when it is tossing you around, is a great attribute to have.  Sometimes, “putting on your boxing gloves,” is not the answer.

Pamela – Child #13 – Boldness – the ability to go where others wont’t.

Sis Pam takes on the world with a bluster.  She would even take on Dad …most of us would not do that.  Not Pam!  She even had him saying, “I jes leave that girl alone!”  I’m learning that boldness Pam.

Finally … Child #14 – Tyrone.   Logic is the word for this guy!

Baby Brother Ty knows how to look at a difficult situation, break it down, so that “we humans” can handle it more easily.  We all love that about him.

Our mother’s love, wisdom and nurturing helped make us all the people we are today.  I would like to close with a poem.


Mother’s Day is every day.
It comes with smiles and much to say,
Do this, do that and get ahead!
And don’t forget to make your bed.
Dishes piled high in the sink,
You can’t wash them in a wink,
Slow down, move with care and ease,
Nobody gets to do as they please.
The world is here for you to grasp,
Get it with knowledge, get it with class,
The path is long, the hill is steep,
So do not falter, do not sleep.
My out-stretched hand is always near,
Caressing and holding you close and dear,
A mother’s heart is deep and wide,
She always has you by her side.

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith


Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad





  1. Zip
    May 17, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    Thank you for the update or reminder of mom,s birthday.

    • July 22, 2018 at 2:23 pm

      You are welcome. Mom is at the heart of all that we think and do.

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