Excerpt from “An American Story: My Family and Yours – Percy Ferguson

Percy and Ann Ferguson

Excerpt from the Book:  An American Story: My Family and Yours


“One of the things I get teased about by my brothers, is how I dress.  I believe there are work clothes and dress clothes.  When I am not working, I like to “dress-up.”  Sometimes, people think I over dress, well . . . that’s their problem.  Nobody buys my clothes and nobody tells me how to wear them. 

The second thing I get teased about . . . the number of cars I have.  Let’s see, I have a truck for work, one to drive around in when I’m not working, a car . . . and I did have a van.  Some fool stole it out of my driveway one night, and those insurance people wouldn’t give me enough money to get another like the one stolen.  You know, those guys like to collect premiums, and when it is time to “pay up” for something, they find every excuse and loophole in the book, to not pay!   It’s just a racket! 

Back to my cars . . . I counted only four vehicles.  Hmm-m, I forgot about Ann’s car.  That makes five.  Well . . . if you can afford to buy one . . . buy it!  That’s what I say!”

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