How Do We Rise Above This Challenge?


There is no mountain we cannot climb…no valley we cannot dig out of…and no river we cannot cross.

It seems America’s world is falling apart, but it isn’t.  This is a moment for reflective thinking.  How did we get here?  What should we learn from this experience?  Did we contribute to it?


Question One:  How did we get here?

We got here because the world has forgotten what health and harmony look like.  This virus represents how humans have turned it upside down.  We hate…kill…and treat our brothers and sisters like dirt.  It needed to take a “time-out” and reconsider…reconsider what it means to love one another.


Question Two:  What should we learn from this experience?

Learn that we are just human!  There is a Power greater than we are, and we forgot who was in charge.  We are not!  While I do not believe God sends anything evil, I do believe when we stray from his directives, we pay a price.  This is that price.  Money, greed and prestige have become our gods, and these gods give us disaster because those attributes can only produce disaster.  I am not preaching…I am reminding.  Look around world…take note of the evil you are living….


Question Three:  Did we contribute to it?

Yes we did!  Disturbed thought brings disturbed action.  Remember the flood…this is our flood–floods of global warming, destructive storms, viruses we cannot control.  Wake-up America!  Get right with God!


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