When Dr. Martin Luther King coined the “I Have a Dream Speech,” he hoped America would make the dream a reality. We have not! So many social issues have kept us awake. The video below underscores some of those issues. It reveals the long road ahead. SOCIETY STILL STRUGGLES Police brutality is a key issue in America’s struggle for equal justice under the law. Coupled with that, is the ideas that citizens in black and brown communities should not be treated with the same respect, tolerance and patience as citizens in white communities. The pattern seems to be “shoot and … Continue reading MAKE THE DREAM A REALITY


VOICES OF META ROSE CHORALE “Let your child sing” echoes the message the Meta Rose Chorale delivers to every child in the Detroit Metropolitan Area who loves singing. However, as a parent, you have to become involved. Be a supporter and motivator for your child! Children are future generations who “pick up the baton” and carry it further in life. Who know? Your child may be the next Stevie Wonder or Leontyne Price. So…do your part as a parent . . . the best enthusiast he can have! Please read the information below and contact us if you or your … Continue reading LET YOUR CHILD SING