We Did It!

America . . .our journey has begun, a journey that will lead us through the valleys of health restoration, racial equality, job growth and justice for all colors: red, yellow, black, brown and white. As we approach the shadows of cultural expansion and inclusion, let us not fear the journey, but embrace it with determination, courage and undeniable truth.

Tonight, we witnessed the promise of success in the hearts and speeches of President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris. The task will be daunting, the pathway intimidating, but the message is clear . . . we must rebuilt and advance the values this country embraces, but have been washed away by injustice, corruption and division these last four years. It is refreshing to breathe the air of faith, hope and purpose, and glimpse the resolve that will make that purpose achievable.

Are we ready for the journey? Can we climb the mountain of despair and re-connect the bonds of decency? We can! We are a nation under God, and with him . . . all things are possible! 


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