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  • Purchase memorabilia (items) from the store, and help maintain the site.
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What is your name?  How are you related to the Fergusons, Dotsons or both?

Would you like to send pictures of you and your family?

Do you like the website?  Would you like to keep it going?

Would you like to know how you can help?

Are you a distant cousin?  We would like you to join us also.

Do you have historical information about the Fergusons and Dotsons?

Can I send articles and pictures for the site?

Answer:  Yes!  Write your article and attach pictures desired in the article and email to smithmamie@ymail.com.  You may also send pictures without an article or articles without pictures.


Make sure you click on all of the pages while you are here.  Pages located at the top of this page . . . such as “About,”  “Video,” or “Purchase the Book.”  All have information you may want to see.