Things I Hated as a Kid!

Disgusted Kid Face   When I was about seven or eight years old, I began hating the way Mom braided my hair sometimes.  These were the times she wanted it to stay in place awhile, so… she would make five braids: one at the top of my head, one on each side and two down the middle back.  I hated that look!  In fact, that hair-style contributed to my lifetime of hating to be photographed.

I recall the day we made pictures at school!  It took several weeks for them to get back to us, but, finally the day arrived.  Aunt Nettie, the principal, had each class form a line and she handed the picture envelope to each kid as he/she approached her seated in a chair on the stage.  I didn’t recall anything about the picture-taking day–it seemed so long ago.  As I reached for my picture, Aunt Nettie held the big picture in her hand, (I could not see it) smiled and handed the envelope to me.  Quickly, I yanked out the big picture and it was the ugliest thing I had seen.  The most disgusting thing was … Mom had given be the “five-braid hair style.”  To make matters worse, one of the side braids was curled under, giving my head a lopsided look.  Frantically, not realizing Aunt Nettie was observing the entire thing, I tried to uncurl the braid.  Of course, that did not happen!  I looked up and stared at the smirk on my aunt’s face.  To a seven-year-old, she was laughing at my ugly picture!  That was the day I began to hate photograph-taking!  And you know … it has followed me into adulthood!

I still detest making pictures!