Family History

Tidbits of Family History

Robert Ferguson was born on March 19, 1913.  He married Oneita Dotson,  had fourteen children , was a farmer and carpenter and served on a local Farmers Home Administration Committee.

Charlie Ferguson was born August 29, 1906 and lived to be one month shy of 100 years old.  He married Lillie Mae Carr who preceded him in death, and later married Iless Cottrell.  Many homes in the community bear the mark of his carpentry.

Willow Dean Dotson-Hampton was born October 11, 1938 and died in a “car accident” in Minnesota. She had four daughters and two sons, attended school at Greenlee High School in McCool, Mississippi, and lived in California many years before moving to Minnesota.

Alice Ferguson-Hawthorne was born August 14, 1909, lived in Mississippi for years, but moved to California in 1974.  She had four children: two sons and two daughters:  Mae Alice, Ophelia, James and Clarence.

Mildred Louise Ashford Collins was born April 27, 1935.  Her mother died in childbirth and her Aunt Nettie and Uncle Bill (Willie) reared and educated her.  She graduated from Rust College, received a Masters at Tennessee State University and furthered her education at Purdee University.  She married Theodore R. Collins and was an instructor at Stillman College for many years.

Elbert “Al” Minter married Kimberly Ann Marshall, daughter of Daree and Joe Marshall.  He and Kim had two children: Amber and Stephen Minter.

Evell Dotson was born September 1, 1936, was the son of Duckett and Maggie Dotson.  He married Stellie Rose Guyton, had seven children and had extended employment at Ford Motor Company.  His daughter, Diane, married Percy L. Ferguson.

Hear the Word

Murvis Veasy was born January 29, 1939 to Lum and Adline Veasy.  She married Charles Ferguson Jr. and had five sons: Marvin, Charles, Tyrone, Bryant and Kenneth Ray.  While living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she worked as a nurse assistant.

Howard Henry Dotson, born February 29, 1944, was the son of Darby Ardell Dotson and Ruth Lee McNutt-Harnwright, but was reared by his grandparents.  After graduating from high school, he moved to Chicago, Illinois and became employed by Wyman Gordan in Harvey, Illinois.  He married Annette Dotson, but after her tragic death, later married Shelby Roberts.  Howard passed away on May 19, 2011.

James Earl Ferguson, the son of Charlie and Lillie Mae Ferguson, was born October 22, 1944 and passed away October 20, 1991.  His mother and three siblings preceded him in death.  His marriage to Augustine Brantley produced two daughters and three sons: Lawanda & Tiffany Ferguson, James R., Troy and Anton.

W. T. Dotson, the son of Wille T. and Sula Hanna Dotson, was born October 15, 1929 and died July 30, 2000.  Dotson was a career soldier, having served over 20 years in the Army.  His wife Julia Beatrice, (McGregory) was a very special person and lived until 2016 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  Their marriage produce one son Anthony Wayne, and two daughters, Lettie (Jeffery) Crawford and Joritta (Hardy).

Cora Lee Carter  was the oldest of thirteen children born to Arthur and Lucy Ferguson.  She was born December 5, 1893 and died September 25, 1992 at Attala County Nursing Center.  His husband, who preceded her in death, was Arthur Carter.   At her death, she was a member of  Wesley United Methodist Church.  She lived with her brother Robert and wife Oneita many years prior to her passing.

Ardell Ferguson, son of Charlie and Lillie Ferguson, married Annie D. Veasey and bore fourteen children, one preceding him in death: Lois Kennedy, Devinutte, LaHoma, Wardean Dotson, Theresa, Wardell, Archie Lee, Nathaniel, George, Elmore, Dwight, Ardell Jr. and Tyrecia.  Ardell was born on April 23, 1931 and passed away December 18, 1981.

Clennie Dotson was born to Zennie and Andy Dotson on March 1, 1900 and departed this life on August 14, 1981.  A poem stated in the obituary sums up his life:

“Calm is thy slumber as an infant’s sleep,

But thou shall wake no more to toil and weep,

Thine is a perfect rest, secure and deep.”

Lula Bell Dotson, mother of Oneita Ferguson, was born on February 13, 1894 and died October 17, 1977.  Two of her children preceded her in death:  Cloteal  and Lou Vester.   She shall long be remembered for her love of nature . . . especially flowers.   Ma Bell . . . your granddaughter, Mamie Lee sends this message to you . . .

I walked two miles many a day,

To hear the words you had to say,

Humor sprinkled with wisdom and grace 

Touched my heart and lit-up your face.

Your inner strength was there to see,

I hope a little landed on me! 

Ora B. Washington, wife of William Washington, was the daughter of Walter and Lena Hull.  She was born November 10, 1917 and passed away October, 1988.  Thirteen children grew out of the union of Ora and William: Lee Dale, Minnie Ruth, Marie, Willie Gene, Rosa, George, William Jr., Daisy, Shirley, Betty, Ray, Tyrone and Grady.  

Ora was a devoted wife and mother, who epitomized love, courage and Christian principles.

Zenobia Cole, born December 10,1921 to Evalina Ferguson and Walter Hull, and passed away July 20, 2019.She had 10 siblings: Ora B. Washington, Minnie Carr, Emma Elliot, Bessie Austin, Crocket, Tommie Hull, Lonzo Hull, James Hull and Elmer Hull.  

Louis Clayton Gordon-Hay, Jr., was born March 2, 1952 and died September 22, 2012. He was married to Aubrey Della Ferguson and had four children: LaShanta Bryant, Louis III, Herbert and Anthony. He had five grand children: Trinity, Angelo Jr., Liberty. Kalyssa and Shawn Jr.