Family “Chatter” and a Little Gossip


September 3, 2018

Labor Day Week-End

The Lord's Prayer

Let us labor for that which gives us peace, unity and strength.  Following the “Shepherd” will get us there.



August  3, 2018

Demetrius & Rahj

Rahjinah and Demetrius


It was a day of celebration!  My granddaughter, Rahjinah Carla Fluker married Demetrius Tigner.  Her mother and granddad were not there to share in body, but in spirit.  Demetrius unveiled a portrait of Rahj’s deceased mother and granddad.  It was such a thoughtful and loving gesture which brought tears to the eyes of many.  A documentary of the Ferguson & Dotsons is in the making, and many wedding pictures of the happy couple will be in it.

Marriage is a union of ideas, thoughts, experiences and beliefs two people share.  Merging those into respect, patience and tolerance harmoniously, will make the marriage last.


July 4, 2018 


Independence can be celebrated in numerous ways … the most significant way is freedom of thought based on spiritual ideas.  Any other independence runs the risk of using freedom to fulfill selfish and destructive ideals.  Our nation celebrates the 13 colonies’ independence from Great Britain … yet certain factions of our country today seek to enslave others based on greed, color, creed and religion.  Let us embrace the divine spirit and we will fulfill the correct human spirit!


W. T. Dotson


May 29, 2018

Yesterday was Memorial Day 2018, and a friend of mine and I celebrated with memories of loved ones, a Jazz concert, eating at two restaurants and seeing a movie.  The foundation of each of those activities, was not in the “things” we did but, in the “togetherness” in which we did them.  There was harmony, conversation and the enjoyment of the company of each other.

Too many times when people get together,  conversation is sparse, cell phones take over or arguments ensue.   Harmony begins and ends with clear, healthy and peaceful thinking.  Keeping thought clear of judgment, destructive criticism and ‘finger-pointing,” lead to a free spirit, good company and respectful enjoyment.  Keep these ideas in mind for your next family and friendly get-together!



May 16, 2018

Hey Rahj,

I got the wedding invitations today!  I LOVE the pictures of you and Demetrius.  You did a super job with the invitations also!  I am really looking forward the wedding on August 3, 2018.


Rahjinah Fluker 
To:Mamie Smith
Apr. 20, 2018 at 11:22 a.m.
How are you?  I know you are keeping busy with the $20 Shoppe soon approaching.  Let me know if you need any help with getting things prepped for it. As always, I will be there ready! 😁
Wedding Update:
We have booked the church & the venue for the wedding.  It will be a Friday wedding on August 3rd, ceremony at 4:30pm & reception at 7pm.  I am so excited!!
Your Book: 
I am so excited for you!!!  I cant wait to get my copy.  I ordered it from Amazon.  I cant wait to read it!  You are such an inspiration grandma, I want you to know that.  I will read it and write a review as soon as I am done!
Deraj, once again, made the honor roll!!  This will be the second year of school that he has been on the honor roll the whole year. He got all A’s this last report card.  He is so smart (which as you know he gets from his momma, who got it from her momma, who got it from her momma lol) but, we’re not going to tell Dee lol)
Music School:
So, I have a close friend that I have invited to the $20 shoppe.  She and her kids would like to meet you.  All three of her children are really into the arts, especially music.  She really wants her eldest daughter to meet you.  She is currently in college and is focusing on her career to do music therapy.  I told her how you have your doctorate in Music and how the spirit of music is embedded in your soul and spirit.  She was so amazed that she asked me if they could meet you.  I hope that is ok.
So, that is it for me at this point.  What is happening with you?  Duane is doing well?
Love you,

Hi Rahj,

I see all is well … didn’t expect anything different.
I am putting everything together for the 20 Dollar SHOPPE fundraiser.  Have contacted the City of Detroit to have “something” on the outside lot I purchased next to the building (no sales outside because of licensing) and a “private” 20 Dollar thing on the inside (you running that).   The City takes 60 days before they respond, but we will have the SHOPPE on the inside because permission from them is not needed because it is private.  Friends, relatives, etc. will receive private invitations.
I would LOVE to meet your friend and kids … Bring them along!
I am so-o-o proud of Deraj!  Yes . . . we all know where he gets his “smarts!”  We will however, give his dad a few crumbs of recognition(LOL).
Thanks for purchasing the book!  You are quite a writer yourself.  I am going to put this letter on the “FergusonDotsonFamily.Com” website.


AAS13Hi Mom,
Apr. 21 at 7:48 a.m.
I enjoyed reading through your online magazine!
I’m always amazed how you are out there putting your ideas into motion.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Hi David,
Thanks for the response.  Hey . . . I just do what comes to my thoughts.
Cheryl and friends will hear Duane’s band tonight at Bakers.  I went last night.
Hope you guys find the house you are looking for.