David Smith Jr. Automotive Designer & Administrator

David Smith and wife Cheryl stand in front of one of his car designs while working at GM.  Smith worked on many cars while working at Chrysler and GM.  However, after graduating from the internationally-known school Center for Creative Studies in automotive design, his first job was not designing cars, but interior of airplanes in Texas, the Lone Star State.  Even though his pen landed on airplane interiors, his heart remained in Michigan.  Consequently, after one year, Chrysler gave him a “Come on home, guy!” job as a designer, where he remained for ten years and then migrated to GM.  Not only did David serve as a designer at GM, he served in Administration…rising to a Director in the Design Department.

Today, David designs exteriors and interiors at a firm in North Carolina.

Smith’s first car design was Chrysler’s 1995 Neon.  Because of his work there, he was branded as “The Bright Star of Chrysler” by a New York newspaper.  The Neon was sold under the Dodge and Plymouth badges.

When interviewed about the car,  David remarked, “Viewing different cultures allows you to be more sensitive to more people, to draw on a different palette of ideas.”   

These ideas moved Smith around the world, speaking and demonstrating the importance of having an efficient, sleek, dependable car to park in your garage for many years to come.

David learned about cultural sensitivity as an Army brat, where he lived among many cultures, inhaled the nuances that defined who they were and instilled in him an appreciation for people around the world.

Below, while on vacation, cars were put on the back burner and another mode of transportation became center stage . . . the motorcycle!