Abraham Chapel Church

Abraham Chapel Church: A place of many Dotsons and Fergusons.
Abraham Chapel

A Missionary Baptist Church

Abraham Chapel Church is a Missionary, Baptist church. It was organized over 101 years ago and still exists today.  Beginning as The Daily Ridge Church, it was organized by Reverend Wyatt Williams in a “Brush Harbor” on Rock Port Road in McCool, Mississippi in 1888. 

Under the leadership of Reverend Wyatt, forty acres of land was purchased from the State of Mississippi for EIGHT DOLLARS AND TWENTY-FIVE ($8.25) and a one-room church sprouted its roots.

Founding members were: A. Aron Dotson, Andy Dotson, Faith Dotson, A. Judge Dotson, Sandford A. Veasey, J.H. Eubanks, Thortant Hull and Aundry G. Greenlee.  The new church was named for Abraham, the Father of Nations.”


The new church quickly took the name of Abraham, a prophet of God. As it grew in numbers, it also grew in division. This led to some members remaining at Abraham and some forming another church in Ethel called Chapel Hill.

Education Took Root

As Abraham sought to serve the community, education became the focus of progress. The building became a church on Sunday, and a school on Monday, and gave birth to Greenlee School. This would continue until 1937 when four acres of land was purchased on Highway 12, in McCool for NINETY DOLLARS ($90.00). Greenlee School settled into the new location and improvements were made to buildings and education. In order to receive governmental assistance for the school, the church gave the Attala County Board of Education the school building and two acres of land. It would be 1946 before the church would buy back the land and building for THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($300.00). One wonders why it was not given back to the church . . . and not sold.

The Ministers of Abraham Chapel Church

During the years of 1946-47, a new brick building sat in the Abraham Chapel spot. Numerous Fergusons and Dotsons walked the floors of that building and surrounding ones. The writer was one of those Fergusons.

Students and members of Abraham Chapel Church

Earlier ministers who served the congregation were: Rev. Frank Miller, Rev. Douglas Prince, Rev. Sam Miller and Rev. Arthur Rhodes. In 1950, Rev. Walter P. Randolph became the minister and Abraham progressed both financially and musically.


Reverend Sylvester Bailey

Abraham Chapel Church continues to grow under his leadership. It still remains on Highway 12 in McCool, Mississippi.


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