Many people of color wonder if justice speaks in America. The George Floyd Case on display now, adds to that wonderment. However, history reveals “justice does speak.” Sometimes its voice is a whisper, other times loud, sometimes slow and sometimes, not at all. Eventually it speaks and we must believe it will speak. What we believe generates the actions we follow. So, whatever the pace, we can never cease to believe.


This video is created to reach the hearts and minds of mankind, and urge everyone to analyze what lies beneath the surface of his/her thought; to ask yourself why you feel the way you do about others; to uncover deep-seated prejudices, hatred, envy, greed and the desire to see another person less than yourself. Every person is unique, valuable and equal in the eyes of God. It begs America and the world to stop the cruel thoughts, words and actions. We are one nation under God. It’s time we stop speaking it…and live it.


While the actions taken by the Democrats in Congress are greatly applauded, and will bring forth needed changes regarding how police interact with communities, the question becomes, “Is it enough?” If passed by the Senate, it will move us closer toward a one-community system of policing, rather than a two-community system: “white community policing” and “black community policing.” But until the hearts and minds of people who believe because of external features they are supreme, racism will find another way to “beat the system.” Impartiality in thinking, leads to enforcement in practice. Thus, we must continue the battle to form “a more perfect union” in deeds…not words.


It is heart-warming to see thousands of Americans, black, white, red and yellow, raise the banner for freedom–freedom from police brutality and dominance, racial injustice and laws and policies that favor white Americans. We are a nation of immigrants, most who came to this country to enrich their lives, whereas black people came by force and in chains. In spite of the degradation, racism and human suffering inflicted, blacks constantly struggle to gain economic and social freedom.

Many opponents encourage African Americans to take a page out of the playbook of Jews, and build their own communities instead of pleading with whites to give them hand-outs. Independence they say, will give them a stronger voice not only in America, but worldwide. Advocates say that pathway is “in the making.” Whatever the choice, equality and justice for all, must be part of the solution. Many Americans cannot understand how they could watch a policeman murder a man on TV and escape justice. They say, “Justice Must Speak! Justice Does Speak!”

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