The Ferguson & Dotson Present & Past

This website reaches into history with pictures, stories and experiences that made us who we are today.  Genes and chromosomes highlight our DNA, but thoughts and spiritual ideas define our character.  If you are a Ferguson or Dotson of the ancestry of Robert and Oneita Dotson-Ferguson . . . you belong here.  Send us pictures, videos and stories for this site.

The video is a trailer to the book entitled An American Story:  My Family and Yours, which traces the Ferguson and Dotson ancestry to the year 1830.  Walk along with us for three centuries and see the making and shaping of the Ferguson & Dotson Legacy..

Families constitute our greatest cheerleaders, but . . . can also be our harshest critics. This day was one of celebration, laughter and fun!

Mom's Birthday Party

Mom’s Birthday Party

My Mother

 Mom at 95 Years Old

In November of 2013, the children of Robert and Oneita Ferguson met in Kosciusko, Mississippi and celebrated Mom’s 95th birthday.  It was a time of recollection and reflection … a time to express love and gratitude for the values our parents helped us form.

REAGAN & Fred Photo

Brother-in-law Fred Olive & President and First Lady Reagan

Fred was a member of the White House Staff for many years–served under several presidents.

Deraj - The Eight Generation

Deraj Lamont Tigner – The Eighth Generation – Great Grandson of  David & Mamie Smith



Dakota Rose Tigner – The Eighth Generation – Great-Grand Daughter of David and Mamie Smith