A life lost is a future denied. This page is dedicated to someone unknown to me, but who represented a life lived, a person loved and a life cut short. Reflecting on this experience, I was forced to confront once again . . . man’s inhumanity to man. Every person matters . . . Weber Jean mattered . . .why is that so difficult for some people to comprehend?


When a family member is taken from us, we are only left with memories. Those memories help us dissolve the lump in our throats and the piercing sword in our hearts. Memories keep a life lost, alive in our souls. We reflect on the things that made us smile, the messages we stashed away for future use and the experiences that made an indelible impact on our lives. Photos help keep love energized and hope renewed.

This page was made possible by my grandson Raphael Fluker. He shared beautiful memories of Mr. Weber with me and provided all of the pictures. Mr. Weber Jean was a person who sought to make the world a better place. Death cannot take that away.

We have only to remember the man who lived 2021 years ago and know that is true. His name . . . Jesus Christ. The mutilation of his body could not destroy the revelation he brought to the world! Cessation does not mean destruction.


As I stare at the pictures, I see a family trying to cope with death in a world of death and destruction. Their covered faces remind us COVID 19 is still worldwide. However, mankind is rising above it and proving that cessation of life does not mean destruction of good. Goodness is a state of mind. The family of Mr. Weber knows that. They can prove that!


The celebration of Weber Jean, a life lost but not denied.

Remembering Weber Jean is not accepting a life lost.

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