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Billionaire Brings Music to Detroit

Billionaire Dan Gilbert and Grammy Winner Che Pope Unite

Billionaire Brings Music to Detroit with Grammy Award-Winner.

It was heart-warming to read “billionaire brings music to Detroit!” Why? Because there has been a void in the music industry since Berry Gordy took Motown . . .to another town. We welcome the “move!”

Come on in WRKSHP! That’s the name of the new label.

Entrepreneur Dan Gilbert and Award-Winner Che Pope have blended their talents, money and influence to revive the music industry, they say will activate Detroit’s stagnant market. As many musicians “hold their breaths” to see what that forecast actually means, others maintain it will be the same thing–management getting rich off the talents of artists.


Here are some of the promises that the words “billionaire brings music to Detroit” mean.

  • No Predatory Deals
  • Artist-Centric
  • Partnership, Not Ownership
  • Talent Development
  • Content Promotion
  • Management

What is WRKSHP?

WRKSHP, located in Capitol Parks, is the music industry that billionaire brings to Detroit."

WRKSHP is a “music-focused lifestyle company” and record label, located downtown Detroit in Capitol Park. WKKSHP is pronounced “workshop.” Some believe it will disrupt the music industry by moving away from “company-focused” to an “artist-centric” approach. The future will determine what that really means. Most will agree it is a good thing for Detroit. Music is the “soul” of Detroit, and for decades, that soul has been lethargic and regressive.


Dan Gilbert is "billionaire brings music to Detroit."

Dan Gilbert is the billionaire who “brings music to Detroit,” and is a “fixture” in Detroit. He is the Founder of Quicken Loans, Rock Venture and Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His birthplace is Southfield, Michigan, where he attended Michigan University. Today, he is ranked as the 34th richest individual in the world.


Che Pope works with "billionaire brings music to Detroit."

Che Pope, a native of Boston, is a Grammy Award-Winner Producer/Songwriter, who was the COO of Kanye West. He has worked with big named stars like: Lauryn Hill, Eminem, Jay-z, Nas and Aretha Franklin. He arrives in Detroit ready to “roll-out” new artists and get the wheels moving for success.

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