Here’s a little family tidbit! “Is it him?” was what my grandson wanted to know? You know, sometimes you find yourself in a situation you cannot believe is happening. Such is this tiny experience.

Hey Dad, Is it Him?  Is he grandma's  friend?


Hello All,

Duane participated in a “jam session” at a club last night, and Stephen Jr. was there as a guest.    When he heard Duane’s name, he called his dad and asked him if Duane was his grandmother’s friend.  His dad say, yes, and told him to “go over and meet him.” He had never met Duane and made himself known as my grandson. 

Once the introductions were over, they took the above picture.  

Stephen looks like a hip hop  or rock star.  I had not seen his new look.
A jam session is where many musicians mix with the club band and play.  They showcase most of them as soloist for a few minutes.  Duane loves to “mix it up” with musicians from all over!  Sometimes, he gets jobs from that!

Stephen was excited to meet him!


Many of you may be wondering why such a small incident was posted to the site. Well . . . it’s the small things that make a family who it is . . . unique things and funny things. Fifty years from now, my great-grands may read this and smile. When settling the mind and letting go of the busy thoughts that keep us hopping, I reflect on the things that transformed my life. Some came from a parent, a friend, teacher or even a stranger who smiled at me on the streets. Each one was an “aha moment!” It was part of life’s little nuances that shaped my DNA.

Little Dakota is letting us know . . . when you smile, the world smiles with you.  Is it him?


One glance at Little Dakota generates a smile. You imagine what she’s thinking as she lies there. What would she say if she could speak? Her demeanor suggests happiness and contentment. It moves the discontent from my thought and gives a sense that “Whatever is going on, it’s gonna’ be just fine.” Ok, I’m done!

“That is awesome, Auntie!!!”

This came from Gail. She takes time to respond.

Cheryl says:
Thanks for sending the picture, mom!  We haven’t seen Steve Jr in ages!  Really enjoyed the picture.

Brother Robert placed a phone call to say he was glad to get my email. Hey! You can respond the next time!

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  1. Hi Mamie. What a thoughtful post. I smiled as I read it. Thanks for sharing.

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