A mother's love is constant.  It forms a circle that cannot be broken.
Love is Constant

Love is constant: It was over fifty years ago when I placed that kiss on my daughter’s cheek. Happiness filled the air as we prepared to “head-off” to her wedding. It was a day of celebration! Never in a million years did I think my daughter would one day die of breast cancer. Life has a way of throwing darts and curves. We spend our days on earth trying to dodge and maneuver them. To the extent we do so, we find peace. As the months stretched into years, my love expanded and reached the ultimate . . . unconditional love.


After my daughter’s death, I settled into trying to function without her. It was hard, painful and questioned every ounce of my faith in God. Two years of striving to come to grips with death, I was forced to change course, and seek an understanding of Life–Life as God, and we as “children of God.”

Divine Love Purifies

Love is a funny thing. It demands harmony–harmony in concert with itself. That unity entails letting go of what you believe and accepting divine understanding . . . totally different from human knowledge and understanding. It took two years to gain a semblance of that wisdom. Purification of thought commanded Truth and Truth required denouncing human will. That took a while . . . eventually it happened.


The book "The Unfolding of a Rose" reveals the constancy of Love.
My Daughter – Meta Rose

Because Love never deserts, Meta’s life and story resulted in my first book: The Unfolding of a Rose. The reader is introduced to her faith and mine and how the “hand of God” guided us above the storms of human existence. Today, September 27, 2021, I was inspired to write this article when accidentally, I found a memorial to Meta. Take a look! I was overwhelmed by the many people who shared a “rose” with the world in her honor. I am so-o-o grateful! It was and is truly an act of Love–a love that inspires and moves us onward as we travel the roads of life! Thank you Alisohn with all my heart!

Meta's love is constant.  I feel her spirit daily.  She is a flower that unfolds day-by-day in thought.
Meta – A Rose Unfolded

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  1. It was a privilege to read your story, Mamie. You know how to use words which made for an enjoyable read. Congratulations on a well done job.

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