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When Dr. Martin Luther King coined the “I Have a Dream Speech,” he hoped America would make the dream a reality. We have not! So many social issues have kept us awake. The video below underscores some of those issues. It reveals the long road ahead.


Police brutality is a key issue in America’s struggle for equal justice under the law. Coupled with that, is the ideas that citizens in black and brown communities should not be treated with the same respect, tolerance and patience as citizens in white communities. The pattern seems to be “shoot and ask questions afterwards.” Such an attitude has caused the death of hundreds of black Americans while being arrested for minor infractions. There are blatant discrepancies in how blacks and whites are approached. Even when police confront a white shooter (with gun in hand) after he has shot down many innocent people, they manage to take alive and well. One wonders about this land of liberty we supposedly live in.

The shooter open fire on unarmed, peaceful protesters.



Don’t be afraid to watch it!

This video takes a look at the promise of America…the reality of America …and where we need to get to make the statement: “My country tis’ of thee, sweet land of liberty,” words of action and not “just words on a printed page.”
It shows us reality and then …it points us toward reality to become “a more perfect union.”

What makes a perfect union? It’s like a marriage where both parties have equal rights. When problems arise, the playing field has to be level. In human relationships, there will always be problems. They have to be identified, examined and solutions worked out. It is a journey we all take with honesty, sincerity and fairness. Leadership plays a major role in reaching a solution.

Hope you see the big picture….

Leadership is the key to success.  Poor leadership yields poor results.

And Still We Rise …

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