My Family Christmas Card

——– Original Message ——–Year: December 14, 2018
Subject: My Family Christmas Card
From: Dr. Mamie Smith

A Family Christmas Card

At this magical time of the year, I wish that you and your family’s dreams come true.

A family’s love is like roses…it opens wide and never closes,
Through twists and turns, hilltops and valleys.
It lingers on through many challenges.
There were many days you wondered strong,
If we would learn right from wrong,
Times…you thought we did not hear,
  But rest assured the advice was clear,
It’s right inside … and always near.
Shirley…You did a GREAT thing…coming to Detroit and spending time and meeting the needs of Aunt Zenobia.  My respect for you elevated!
Della…You, Zip and Nell look like movie stars… Hm-m-m, I’ve got to do better with pictures.  Who’s the lady on the left?
Wow! What a figure…Bobbie.  Fred, are you auditioning for a part in a movie also?
I didn’t know Mom and Dad gave the world a minister.  Hmm-mm… 
folks looking so intelligent and refined…  Good picture, Robert.
 Pam … who put your make-up on so professionally?  I need to pay you a visit!
Lonnie…what “chu” gonna’ do with that camera?  You ain’t no photographer!
Did somebody say Tyrone has THREE boys… folks looking so young…
Love This Picture in My Family Christmas Card 
AAS47 (2)
 DeLois is dressed to “the nines!”   You look elegant!
Michael always thought himself to be a handsome guy!  I have to say… you are kind of cute here!
Daree… you are big sister to all of us.  We love you and wish you continued health and wellness.  You enhance our family Christmas Card.

Duane and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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