Shirley Washington Then . . .

Shirley Washington Then as she struggles to maneuver the Hollywood scene.

During the 1970s and 80s, Shirley Washington Then was “blazing her trail” on the Hollywood Scene as an actress. Young, energetic and feisty, she was making sure no one left her behind! Shirley appeared in several movies and TV shows. Among them: Mission Impossible as a stewardess; Maggie in Wonder Woman; Travel agent in The Puppet; Theda in Darktown Strutters and Mrs. Jefferson in Bamboo Gods. She also starred in a film called Disco. Did Shirley Washington Then have other talents?

Shirley the Dancer

This writer knew Shirley Washington Then…but had no idea what hidden talents she had. Here’s an example of one:

Wow! Now that Shirley has revealed her talent as a dancer, let’s explore her history and discover other talents. In the following video, her talk show ability is questioned and challenged.

Shirley Gets to Act on the Spot!

Darktown Strutters

Shirley Washington Then in Darktown Strutters as Theba.
Shirley Washington in Darktown Strutters

According to Wikipedia, Darktown Stutters was a musical comedy about four (4) female gang bikers named Syreeno, Carmen, Miranda and Theba (Shirley). A synopsis of the storyline reveals numerous episodes that challenge one’s ability to determine the movie’s plot. The sequence of events as described by Wikipedia, did not allow this writer to follow the story. The focus of the movie simply eluded me. I have no idea what the writer was trying to achieve, nor the message he was seeking to deliver. Therefore, you are directed to Wikipedia for your own personal “read.”

However, from Shirley’s perspective, let’s recognize that launching an artistic career is not easy, and can lead to accepting roles that successful actresses may not choose. Ms. Washington was not born with a “silver spoon in her mouth,” and receives high marks for her courage, determination, tenacity and ingenuity for getting the roles she received. Hooray Shirley!

Shirley Washington Now. . .

Shirley Washington and longtime friend, Motown Songwriter Eddie Holland.

What is Ms. Washington doing these days? She spends much of her time traveling between her apartment in Los Angeles and home in Las Vegas to musical events. Hearsay says . . . she is still very much involved in the music industry–setting up and negotiating contracts for clients’ musicals, plays, book deals and musical events. That is . . . when she is not “flying and cruising” from one country/continent to another with longtime friend and Motown Songwriter Eddie Holland. Hometown Detroit also welcomes her for special Motown events.

Recently, Shirley attended an event in L.A. that honored friend Smokey Robinson and Motown Mogul Berry Gordy. Some of the attendees are shown in the photo below:

Shirley Washington Now attended this event that honored Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy Jr.

Whether you are looking at “Shirley Washington Then” or “Shirley Washington Now,” the picture will be crystal clear, progressive, busy and spectacular! And . . . you will not need a magnifying glass!

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