Stretching Your Moneyis where many people in America find themselves. Eight out of ten families live from paycheck to paycheck. The pandemic set people back! The whole country was on “shut-down.” Then . . . when things opened up, prices went “roof-top high!” That’s where we are today. Every dollar counts. This article will show you a way to save money on clothing.

Keeping money in a jar is one way of stretching your money.

Go Thrifting with Raj Tigner

Before we get into a few keyways to practice stretching your money, check-out this video.

Raj is part of the Ferguson Dotson Clan. . . with Smith and Fluker finding a way into the blood line later. Tigner came about as her grandfather would say, “by tying the knot” (her marriage name). Ms. Raj has an “eye” for selecting quality, designer labels and thrift items in excellent condition. Her education began while she was a baby in a crib, watching a parade of customers sashay around wearing designer dresses at Meta, (a store owned by her mom and dad).

As a teenager, Raj traveled to the garment district in New York with her mom and waded through ‘tons” of designer labels for Rio Boutique, a store owned by her mom and grandmother. So… quality, style and “good buys” are in her blood.


Raj has loved stretching her money most of her life.

“Styled Roses is an online women boutique @ Poshmark owned by Ms. Tigner. She loves “staying “in touch” with retail clothing, and at the same time, making extra money for “nice to do things” . . . like vacations. Her financial college classes extended that business acumen.

At a young age, Raj learned the art of business management. Research, sound planning, strategizing and understanding you can’t run a business with “no cash flow.” Recognizing all of the pieces of the business puzzle, has given her satisfying success with the online business.


  • Familiarize yourself with several designer clothing lines.
  • Gain a workable knowledge of fabrics.
  • Read Item Descriptions Carefully.
  • Check Garment Sizing for Length and Width: Sizes Vary.
  • Question Phrases Such as “Like New” and “Good Condition.”
  • Know the Return Policy.
  • Look for Reviews & Comments About the Business.

Stretching Your Money Can Be Fun

Stretching your money does not have to be dismal.  Make it fun!

Stretching your money by thrift shopping does not have to be dreary. Relishing in the art of “discovery” has its own rewards. Most people like a good deal. Google a specific item of clothing to discover where you can get it. Don’t stop with one site . . . take time searching, keep uppermost in your mind that you can find what you are looking for. And by all means . . . visit Styled Roses!

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