Dinner at The Ledges

This is where we dined.  Dinner at the Ledges was sensational!
The Ledges

Dinner at “The Ledges” involves more than just dinner. It is scenery, million-dollar homes, the view, up and down, and. . . of course, food. A couple of weeks ago, I lived this experience–once again. The Ledges is an 18-hole golf course sitting discreetly on top of a mountain in Huntsville, Alabama. How do I begin?

The Trip Up to Dinner at The Ledges

First, let me explain that I could not have gone to this “lovely place” if Sister Shirley and Brother-in-law Willie had not been members. Secondly, the escalating drive upward is picturesque and breath-taking—particularly during spring and summer. You hear yourself saying, “Ooh-ooh, ah-ah-a-a!” These images do not do it justice. Whew! We finally got to the top!

The View at the Top

The oohs and aahs continue as your eyes take-in the multi-million-dollar homes! Each has its own distinct and classical design. The landscaping matches the golf course (which you see below). There is nothing “average” about The Ledges! Take a trip to Huntsville and find out. It is one of the south’s unique and wonderful places to live and visit. Huntsville-Madison distinguishes itself from the rest of Alabama with the description: “Northern Alabama.”

Then . . . there was dinner at The Ledges. . .

Dinner at The Ledges

Dinner was superb! The place was not as elaborately decorated as it would be for special occasions, but very, very nice! And. . . the food is excellent. What did I have? A shrimp and grits entree! When I first saw it on the menu, I was not impressed, but Brother Willie gave me “the low-down” on it. So, I went with it! It was simply delicious and very filling. I recommend it highly! In fact, Huntsville was voted the best place to live in America. So . . . now you know why this article is important!

I have one small criticism of The Ledges. There was no music in the restaurant as we munched on the food. Management. . . you gotta’ get a “live” musician in there, especially on Friday and Saturday nights! Go for it! Your attendance will improve. Also . . . neighbor Madison may give you some competition!

Dinner at The Ledges is one for the record books!
A Dinner to Remember

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  1. Folks, Cousin Shirley is a TV actress, music promoter and a friend of Motown Singer/Songwriter Eddie Holland. She has been on the Hollywood scene for many years. Check her out on this site under “Family Artists” above.

  2. Mamie. I enjoyed reading your article on the fabulous Legends. Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege of having Dinner there several times. It is everything you described, and more. The history, the homes, the food, and the atmosphere is among the best the In any Country. Great Job.❤️

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