Ferguson Dotson Family Properties

The Ferguson Dotson Family Properties reveal the tenacity, courage and financial management our families maintained under dire circumstances. Ownership dates back to the late 1800’s. It was only a few decades after slavery ended and Blacks were allowed ownership. Continue reading Ferguson Dotson Family Properties

Holding Friends Close

To Esther & Jim: Holding friends close, is something most of us can do better. Sometimes we think of them but say or do nothing! There is nothing like having a true friend! The moments we’ve spent together are dear, My heart swells with so much cheer, I hold each precious thought in hand, It’s like a well-designed fan! MERRY CHRISTMAS! A Special Relationship Remembering Our Chats: Jim, the chats we had about schools, students and education, are stashed away in memory. Esther, your wisdom and kind words were always a comfort and guide. You spoke with confidence, courage and … Continue reading Holding Friends Close



On December 29, 2020, Little Dakota Rose “made her entrance” to the earth. She became the sixth generation of strong, African American females in the “Ferguson-Smith-Dotson-Tigner generation. Her matriarchal line includes: Lula Bell Dotson, Mavis Oneita Ferguson, Dr. Mamie Smith, Meta Rose Fluker-Yett and Rahjinah Carla Tigner. As early as two days old, she made her footprint in the sand. . .”I will be heard!” Sometimes with a scream and other times with a strong, hard kick! Mamie, who will lovingly be called “Gigi,” said, “You go girl! You stand on the shoulders of a string of women who will not be silenced!


Deraj is my big brother!
Deraj and Dakota

Big brother Deraj adores her, but he will make it clear to her, “You may be the latest, but you “sho’nuff” are not the greatest! We work hand-in-hand!” Of course, what are big brothers for?

Like her great-grandfather David, Dakota “hummed” on that remark! She knows that for now, she is so special. Her smile is engaging. Her movements watched and her love overwhelming! Childlike innocence is more of what the world needs today. It has become one of “dog-eat-dog-like mentality .


Every generation should make a positive impact on the world. Each person has a purpose. That purpose maybe large or small, but it should be helpful to someone. Growth cannot be measured by the world’s yardstick. Moral values yield growth. Growth aids society in general. Thin about it! Is it your desire to live a totally worthless life? Most people make a beneficial impact to someone somewhere. The Ferguson-Dotsons are among “the most.” There are farmers, businesspersons, educators, authors, musicians, designers and more. The world knows “we lived.”

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Dr. Mamie Smith Quotes Dr. Mamie Smith Quotes are thoughts derived from reflective thinking, human hardships and illnesses. They are examples of how God speaks to man in the human experience. Such messages touch the consciousness of mankind through the presence of the Christ. THE CHRIST SPEAKS EVERY CHALLENGE IS A STEP TOWARD CONQUERING THE UNKNOWN. PERFECT VISION IS NOT “MATTER SEEING MATTER”, BUT HAVING GOOD ESTABLISHED IN THOUGHT, AND PROVING IT WITH ACTIONS. Human laws pattern divine laws, but divine laws use  only originals. The key to  having a perfect day is starting the morning with perfect thoughts. Mankind is … Continue reading DR. MAMIE SMITH QUOTES