Feelings of Loss

When you are faced with feelings of loss, how do you respond?  Faith is the answer.

Feelings of loss are determined by how you respond to them. “These are the times that try men’s souls.” My soul has been severely challenged. . . it is faith that led me to make this video. I hope you find comfort during your time of loss.

My Life Struggles

My Story

Everybody has a story. The book “An American Story: My Family and Yours” gives you a glimpse of mine. It is told with brutal honesty, hardships and a battle to overcome them. Included in it, is a chapter of my first book “The Unfolding of a Rose,” which reveals deep-seated grief over the loss of my daughter. The last three (3) chapters show the trials and tribulations experienced in trying to conquer guilt and grief.

The Unfolding of a Rose is a biographical account of feelings of loss.

Feelings of Loss Lead to Faith

A mother’s love is constant, unyielding and protective. From infancy to adulthood, that love grows. It never misses a beat. When it is removed from your grasp, the whys have no answers. As hard as you fight, the results remain the same: “My child is gone!” You cry mountains of tears, blame everything and everyone, but nothing changes. Finally . . . faith takes over.

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