Ferguson Dotson Family Properties

The Ferguson Dotson Family Properties reveal the tenacity, courage and financial management our families maintained under dire circumstances. Ownership dates back to the late 1800’s. It was only a few decades after slavery ended and Blacks were allowed ownership.

Ferguson Dotson Family Website

This website maintains the legacy of the Ferguson Dotson Families worldwide. Its descendants date back to the 1830’s. This writer is one of those descendants. Properties were first bought in the late 1800’s. Prior to that, slaves could not own anything in America. . . not even themselves. This site was constructed as a legacy for family lineage.

If you belong to an African American family of Fergusons and Dotsons, please use the contact page and connect with us. We are highly interested in ties to our heritage. Images and information are graciously accepted. No information will be published without your approval.

Our Ancestry

My name is Dr. Mamie Smith, third child of Robert and Oneita Dotson – Ferguson. As a researcher, author and writer, I am constantly looking for information leading to the history of all Americans…particularly African Americans. The video below lists many of the properties owned by the Ferguson Dotson Family. Land and properties in other countries are not included.

Why I Wrote This Article

I believe African American families must leave a legacy for future generations. How will we survive if we don’t? While some Americans have and are still seeking to erase Blacks from history, the need to prevent that from happening is critical. Blacks in general, are hardworking families reaching for the “American Dream.” In spite of the lies that paint us differently. We helped build this country and our values and culture play an important role in what it is today.

It is not the size or cost of a property; it is the mental understanding that possession of a property must be acquired and maintained. Daddy preached it and Mom instilled it. The voices of grandfathers and grandmothers reverberate in our ears. Even today . . . we cannot shut it off.

Ferguson Dotson Family Properties Are Our Endowment

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    1. Hi Shirley,
      I hope all is well. Knowing you…I am sure it is.

      Yes…now as a people, we have wealth and understand what it means, so we have to use what we need today and pass the rest forward! Most of us are doing it.


  1. We are grateful you “cared enough” to visit this site. Every step taken in identifying who we are and our worldwide contributions to humanity, make it a better place for all.

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