Heartfelt Family Messages

There is nothing like viewing videos of “heartfelt family messages.” They put a surge of gratitude in my heart and cause tears to trickle down the cheeks. The first photo is one of David Smith, husband of Mamie Smith. He served in the Korean War and had two (2) tours during the Vietnam War. Today, he rests among thousands of military men and women at Arlington Cemetery.

David Smith, a military understood the value of heartfelt family messages.  As a soldier facing death, he cherished family communication.

President Barack Obama Responds to a Soldier’s Memory

At the death of his father, Son Stephen Smith wrote a letter to President Obama expressing the love he had for his father and paying homage to a man who served his country unselfishly. To his surprise, the President responded by placing a call to Stephen. This video is an interview of Stephen talking about the phone call. This communication is historic for the Ferguson Dotson Family!

The Essence of a President’s Song

“A President’s Song” was written by Stephen’s mother, Dr. Mamie Smith. As she watched the President-Elect retrace the historic train ride from Philadelphia to Washington, the words poured from her lips. It was a moving experience! Within hours, Smith had generated several stanzas of the song, and set them to music. Later, copyrights were secured on both lyrics and music. It is placed on this site as a legacy to the Ferguson Dotson Family.

A Video of Heartfelt Family Messages

Losing a loved one is heart-breaking, but losing a child is soul breaking. 

The Unfolding of a Rose reveals the understanding of life in a way no other book on “the loss of a loved one” does.  It captures your heart, reaches into the depth of your soul and elevates your spirit!  You come away with a renewed sense of life, a step-by-step approach to handling grief and pain over the loss of a loved one and greater coping skills if faced with cancer.

It is a journey you will never forget . . .

The Mother of Jesus Lost Her Child

Mary, the mother of Jesus sends a “bulletin” to the world: “It hurts to lose a child! I did not get the depth of the communique until my daughter passed on. Hopefully, you will never experience the death of a child. If you do, the two videos give insight into life–life not measured by physicality but by divine activity of thought.

Spiritual Qualities Deliver Heartfelt Family Messages

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