Man’s Oneness with God

Man’s oneness with God is the mental connection he has with God. While mankind sees the value of man based on physicality, wealth, power and control, divinity takes an opposite view, placing his worth as his direct relationship to God. This article explores both viewpoints: man’s oneness with God and man’s separation from God.

God is trustworthy and man proves this trustworthiness by developing a close relationship with God.

Explanation of Man’s Oneness with God

No one has physically seen God, so what does man’s unity with God look like? It is an awareness of Soul, which gives assurance God is ever-present and meeting every human need. It is the “Christ” enveloping consciousness and assuring you that no matter the situation, “everything is going to be alright.”

Oneness with God gives trustworthiness, patience, perseverance and strong faith. Faith becomes the substance and the evidence. What does that mean? It means if your refrigerator and cupboards have no food, faith says …”you already have food.” God will “make a way” becomes “God has already made the way!” Your vision is not what you see physically, but what deep trust in God reveals mentally! Use that vision to begin the journey upward.

Steps Leading Upward in Thought

Steps Leading to Oneness with God

The first step in reaching higher levels of thought, is to focus on God…not the problem. Humanly, that can be challenging! However, it can be done.

The first question is: How do you know God? If you say, “He’s God Almighty!” Break it down. God Almighty means what? To inspired thought, it means there is nothing mightier than God. He is the past, present and future. Allness describes God. Remind yourself of his attentiveness and protection at that moment. Quiet anxiety and listen. God as Truth, is constantly speaking.

Secondly, crying to God about the death of your child, is in vain. He knows only life, and life is not defined by the human body, but by the good thoughts that rule out everything unlike godliness. The Holy Spirit says, “I am Life, there is no death. Everything and everyone is made by Me and expresses Me. Thus, your daughter is spiritual, always dwelling in divine Love.”

Thirdly, have the mental attitude of “Not my will, but thine be done.” Stop planning what the blessing of God should look like humanly. Keep firmly in thought that whatever God gives, will always be good. He is never evil. Someone once said to me, ” I have to tell God want I want, so he can give it to me.” You don’t…God is all-knowing, all seeing and all-acting. We need him, not the other way around. Persist not resist!

In gaining a oneness with God, the 3 P's must always be in play.  They are patience, persistence and perseverance."

Exercise the 3 P’s

Exercising “man’s oneness with God” enables us to put into practice the 3 P’s: patience, persistence and perseverance. Patience comes with trusting God. Persistence means struggling and maintaining the glorification of God even when your neighbor is calling you names, belittling and even physically pushing you around. Doing so, causes you to take the correct steps to resolve the discord. Perseverance means correction may take longer than expected, but knowing without a doubt, God is still in control. Mental stillness guards against man’s disconnect from God.

Parents wait for news after a reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Joel Auerbach)

Man’s Disconnect from God

There are numerous ways the human spirit divorces itself from God. Here are a few examples:

Darkness of thought leads to evil deeds: Man rises up and “slays his brother; lies to his loved ones; enslaves his neighbors and seeks to control the world.” It is only when he refutes these elements of thought, struggles to rise above them and gain dominion, can he truly demonstrate “man’s oneness with God.”

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