Peace Be Still

Peace be still, is a state of mind…a state of thought uncontaminated by mortal mind or mortal actions. Continue reading Peace Be Still


Life throws curves every day. How well we dodge them, depends on how strong our “mental legs” are. Let me say . . . this is not a video. It is a chord that gets you to jump out of you seat! Now that we have cleared that up . . . let’s get on with the article. “Walking uphill in life strengthens your legs to jump over hoops” is a slogan for the ups and downs of the human experience. Life is a series of events, some pleasurable, others unpleasant. But . . . each occurrence can serve as … Continue reading LIFE THROWS CURVES


DONATE A BOOK OF PEACE AND LOVE Gifts are acts of love. Sometimes, most people give a gift of love. Are you one of them? Christmas, birthdays, graduations, weddings, the list can be very long for acts of caring. Often, books are given as gifts. The idea is that books increase knowledge and understanding. “The Unfolding of a Rose” is such a book. It reaches into your heart, massages it and lets you know “everything will be alright.” Author, Teacher & Talk Show Host Dr. Mamie Smith Says, “Each human hardship can be overcome . . . with the right … Continue reading GIFT OF LOVE


Dr. Mamie Smith Quotes Dr. Mamie Smith Quotes are thoughts derived from reflective thinking, human hardships and illnesses. They are examples of how God speaks to man in the human experience. Such messages touch the consciousness of mankind through the presence of the Christ. THE CHRIST SPEAKS EVERY CHALLENGE IS A STEP TOWARD CONQUERING THE UNKNOWN. PERFECT VISION IS NOT “MATTER SEEING MATTER”, BUT HAVING GOOD ESTABLISHED IN THOUGHT, AND PROVING IT WITH ACTIONS. Human laws pattern divine laws, but divine laws use  only originals. The key to  having a perfect day is starting the morning with perfect thoughts. Mankind is … Continue reading DR. MAMIE SMITH QUOTES