Peace Be Still

Peace still be” are words spoken by Jesus as he faced a raging sea. Biblical history says he was responding to the desperation of his disciples. I have often wondered why he chose those words. More importantly, why were they so effective? Where did the peace originate? This article seeks answers.

A raging sea was calmed by "peace, be still."

The Meaning of Peace

According to American Heritage Dictionary, peace is “an inner contentment; tranquility; serenity; freedom from strife.” It was what Jesus felt when he uttered those words. Not only did turmoil rock the ship he was in, it sent shock waves through the minds of his disciples. They were afraid. Jesus was not. What gave him the mental tranquility to believe those three simple words would bring peace? His understanding of the dominion placed in him by God. Interestingly, he told us the same understanding would give us dominion also. Do we believe him? Our mentality and actions say, No! Are we calm in the face of adversity?

Stillness denotes serenity.  Serenity leads to the ability to tell tumultuous water "peace be still."

Mental Calmness is Peace Be Still

Mental calmness is a state of thought that recognizes God is in control. Serenity does not allow human fears and emotions to “ruffle its feathers.” Peace be still, is not accidental, it is expected. How is it achieved? Humanly, we acquire it step by step. Hope, faith and trust are key ingredients. When knocked down by the forces of life, this writer finds comfort in Proverbs 3:5. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Sensualism tells us to trust ourselves, but divine wisdom denounces such advice. Remember, of our own selves, we can do nothing. All power belongs to God. There is nothing he cannot do! This knowledge should bring us tranquility…does it?

Tranquility is a state of thought.  It is an inner peace derived from complete faith and trust in God.

Gaining Tranquility

Tranquility is a state of thought. It is an inner peace derived from complete faith and trust in God. Drugs or an emotional high are not vehicles that lead to peace and harmony. Harmony is attained by thinking and doing godly things, and recognizing all power rests with God, Spirit. Here are a few ways this writer gains tranquility:

  • Removing myself from the equation.
  • Humbly reaching out to God.
  • Eliminating self-will and self-justification.
  • Listening to and obeying the will of divine Mind, God.

Identifying the Will of God

Identifying the will of God is a phenomenon I wrestle with on a daily basis. What is God’s will? First, it is a remedy that maintains the welfare of all of his creation. Partiality is not a trait of godliness. Secondly, harmony, peace and contentment are attributes of God. Hate, physical abuse and discrimination are human qualities, void of divine revelation. Lastly, letting go of selfishness and human gratification, and latching on to humility must be achieved to please God. Human will is a quality of humans…not God.

Negativity disconnects man's thinking with divine understanding.  It never leads to serenity.

Who Benefits from Peace?

Everyone. Calming the storms of earth’s atmosphere, benefits all mankind. Destructive tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, wreak havoc on the world. In order to quell such actions, man must quiet the inner turmoil he covers with lies and deceit. Jesus’ life revealed that “peace be still” is obtained by the man God created, not by human thoughts and actions. This is what separated him from his disciples. That is also what separates us from peacefulness.

If mankind would stop focusing on controlling other people's lives and work out its own salvation, the world would experience more tranquility.

Peace Be Still

America: Be still. Let there be peace in the world! We live in a world inflamed by lies, hatred, control and human power. The world’s atmosphere reflects those destructive tendencies. According to Moses in Genesis, God gave the spiritual man dominion over the earth. Jesus fulfilled that promise. Therefore, if man desires peace on earth, he must first gain peace within his soul. A good place to begin is “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Simplistically, if I do not wish to be controlled by someone, why would I think someone would like to be controlled by me? Fellow countrymen, it is not “rocket science.” However, it is divine Science. When in harmony with God, we are controlled by him. Disharmony signifies we are controlled by selfish thoughts and actions. Such behavior contributes to the chaos in the world.

Humans have not realized that God created us equal. Race, color, creed and gender are not attributes of Spirit, God. Every mortal was born, and every mortal will die. Eternal life is marked by immortality…man’s divine activity of thought. Perfect thinking leads to perfect action! The divine nature of Jesus allowed him to say “Peace be still” and the storms ceased. That same nature has been given to each one of us because we are made in “the image and likeness of God.” Let us begin the journey by emulating the life of Jesus. And only then will we be able to say, “Peace be still”…and get obedience.

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