Shirley is the sister who soars among the clouds as she travels worldwide.

Shirley Ann (Ferguson) Anderson is a sister who soars. She is the seventh child of Robert and Oneita. Why is she described as “a sister who soars?” Well . . .because after she and husband Willie retired, they keep the air waves “hot.” Traveling around the world is what they enjoy doing. If money, time and health enable them to do so, why not? It is unclear the number of continents they have “set foot on,” but Europe, Africa and Asia are among them. In the early years, out west in the United States, captured their taste of the air waves.


The State of California was a choice state for many years. Mainly, because Cousin Shirley lived there. It is also a state of “movie stars.” Cousin Shirley fit that mold, having acted in a few movies and TV shows. Also, Sister Shirley loves the Hollywood Scene. She even dresses the part!

Not only do we have a sister who soars, we have a movie star.
Doesn’t She Look Like a Star?

Santa Barbara is a city on their radar when they visit California. It is situated along the costal line and has been described as the “American Riviera.” Lying between the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara has an astounding view. What fun!

Next stop for a sister that soars, is Las Vegas. The Strip provides glamorous hotels, unique shops and tasty restaurants. I remember vacationing there with Shirley and Willie and taking in eye-popping shows! However, as money and tastes increased, good ol’ USA was not good enough for them. The world became a new stamping ground.


The sister who soars arrives in Rome, Italy.

St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Italy is a familiar place for the Andersons to “hang-out.” It allows them to rise above mediocrity and experience art and tradition. I have traveled far and wide, but never “took flight” and landed there.


Rome has beautiful architecture and great works of art. It is also known for its small-town charm and slow pace. If you like Italian food, Rome is the place to visit. History has labeled it “the eternal city” because many believe it will always “be there.” Well, it has been there for Sister Shirley and Willie. Now . . . it’s time to go home. As they say “goodbye” to Italy, let’s wish them a safe trip home as they “ascend above the clouds.”

The sister who soars arrives home again.
Home Again . . . Time to Rest

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