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Life throws curves every day. How well we dodge them, depends on how strong our “mental legs” are. Let me say . . . this is not a video. It is a chord that gets you to jump out of you seat! Now that we have cleared that up . . . let’s get on with the article.

Created by Dr. Mamie Smith

“Walking uphill in life strengthens your legs to jump over hoops” is a slogan for the ups and downs of the human experience. Life is a series of events, some pleasurable, others unpleasant. But . . . each occurrence can serve as an opportunity for growth, if used appropriately. Each of us must decide whether to drown in life’s challenges or be inspired and swim to the shore of opportunity.


I have a habit of reading daily at a deep level. Actually, I “study-read.” What does that mean? It means I read a passage, think about it, apply it to a present or past situation. Often in so doing, I get to correct my thinking about something or someone. The above quote resulted from doing just that. Life is always dealing us blows. We can stand and take them on or duck. Lately, I take them on. But… I must admit I have done a lot of ducking!

The death of my daughter was one I took on. And because of that, I grew both mentally and spiritually. It was a time of deep soul-searching–a time of guilt and grief.


Freeing the body is not the answer.  This image tells us that it is the mind that sets us free.

Regrettably, life throws curves like guilt and grief. Grief says, “Woe is me,” and guilt says, “What did I do to deserve this?” Neither can strengthen your legs to combat the curve balls. Grief is founded on the idea that you lost something. So, you say, “What did I lose?” Answer: “Your daughter, stupid!”

Over the years, I turned that remark into “loss is gain.” With each layer, I began to understand that life is like a rose, it unfolds day-by-day. Also, I gained the understanding that life is the divine activity of thought, not a physical structure. Divine thinking brings “light.” Human thinking brings darkness. The great thing is, we can choose which pathway to follow. It isn’t easy . . . but it can be done. With that knowledge, the only thing I lost was the darkness of thought. Got you thinking, didn’t I?


This beautiful little girl is an example of freedom from the "curves life throws us.

Freedom from the curves that life hurdles at us, is the goal we strive for. It can be achieved through self-determination, self-government and self-direction. The key to this is recognizing who the “self” really is. There is only one “Self “and that is God. Keeping that at the forefront of your thought . . .and you will always be able to not only “take on” life’s challenges . . . you will be able to master them.

Oh . . . the beautiful little girl in the picture is Dakota Rose . . . Meta Rose’s granddaughter.

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