A Tribute to Michael

A Tribute to Michael: Michael, the twelfth child of Robert and Oneita Ferguson, passed away November 10, 2023. For decades, Michigan was his home. He is survived by his wife Wilma, two daughters, grandchildren, 13 siblings and a host of friends and relatives.

To Michael with Love

L is for Love that’s always near

Embracing, holding you my dear,

You only need to seek and ask,

It’s ready and able to meet the task.

The door is open, walk right in,

Travel a road you’ve never been,

Voices whisper, loved ones meet,

Hands reach out, ready to greet.

O is opportunity for eternal joy

That comes to every girl and boy,

Rise, go forth with humble heart

Ready and willing to do your part.

V is victory all must gain

Over a world filled with sin and pain,

Fight each battle, win the war,

Years define what you waited for.

E is for effort you gave each day

Seeking and striving to find your way,

Family love is here to give,

Embrace it now…begin to live.

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith

Leaving a Legacy

Having a grandson to “pick up the torch” and move it forward, is a desire of every member of the Ferguson-Dotson Family. Michael was no exception.

We are defined by the values we share and the examples we live. Give to mankind the best that you are.

Take a look at the video for Michael below:

A Tribute to Michael and Children

The value of every human being is measured by the divine qualities he expresses in the human experience. Our tribute to Michael reveals the humor, devotion and love he shared with us. We miss him already but recognize that he travels a “road” we all must walk.
May his journey be filled with love.

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