Our Family and Music

Our family and music have been linked together for decades. This writer remembers the first time she observed her uncle “rocking and rolling” on the dance floor. Gino Washington continues the legacy.
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Holding Friends Close

To Esther & Jim: Holding friends close, is something most of us can do better. Sometimes we think of them but say or do nothing! There is nothing like having a true friend! The moments we’ve spent together are dear, My heart swells with so much cheer, I hold each precious thought in hand, It’s like a well-designed fan! MERRY CHRISTMAS! A Special Relationship Remembering Our Chats: Jim, the chats we had about schools, students and education, are stashed away in memory. Esther, your wisdom and kind words were always a comfort and guide. You spoke with confidence, courage and … Continue reading Holding Friends Close


Life throws curves every day. How well we dodge them, depends on how strong our “mental legs” are. Let me say . . . this is not a video. It is a chord that gets you to jump out of you seat! Now that we have cleared that up . . . let’s get on with the article. “Walking uphill in life strengthens your legs to jump over hoops” is a slogan for the ups and downs of the human experience. Life is a series of events, some pleasurable, others unpleasant. But . . . each occurrence can serve as … Continue reading LIFE THROWS CURVES