Our Family and Music

Our family and music have been linked together for decades. This writer remembers the first time she observed her uncle “rocking and rolling” on the dance floor. It was an astounding view! The person whom she listened to as a six or seven-year-old telling heart-warming stories was a totally different guy. Well…he was not different: she was simply seeing another part of his skills. Music does things to people. How? It touches us where nothing else can. This is exactly what happened yesterday at a musical family event. Why? Because it brought back memories worth sharing.

Gino Washington TV

Gino Interviews The Temptations

Upon arrival, my brother and I approached about thirty people quietly watching a tv screen. Remaining as “soundless” as possible, we found seats. What were they intensely watching? Numerous TV shows of Cuz Gino. While it was interesting to reminisce about the “scenes of yesterday,” I did not “perk-up” until an hour or so later when Gino interviewed my favorite Motown group: The Temptations. My only regret is that the sound and images were unclear. I love those guys! Here is what our family and music gave us.

The Event That Captivated Us

Gino Washington – Cousin

Gino put our family and music “on the map.” His songs reached many ears during the 70’s and 80’s, and “Gino’s a Coward” still reaches the air waves.

As previously mentioned, our family and music are intertwined. Zigzagging across the large room, I encountered several family members… some I knew, others I did not. The crowd had substantially grown. Gino packed them in! Among them, Shirley Washington, singer and TV actress, Johnny Washington, Detroit music promoter, Duane Parham, internationally known saxophonist, producer and songwriter and a host of others.

Shirley encouraged family members to “get to know relatives.” The Fergusons and Dotsons have hundreds of relatives scattered across America. It is our desire that they discover this site and introduce themselves with images and words. Visit the site . . . contact us. 

Saxophonist Duane Parham, a friend not a relative, poked his head in for a few minutes. Parham’s Motown cover of Marvin Gaye’s Your Precious Love is making its way around the world. In some ways, the song represents the “love” that was shared among our family and music that day. Love is precious, no matter the direction from whence it flows.

As we alluded to in the paragraph above, Duane is a fixture in music in Detroit and his music is internationally known and played worldwide. His newly released “My Turn” is in the hands of many curators and will be marketed by Gorov Music Marketing in September 2023.

Food and Fun for Our Family and Music

I was happy Gino did not allow us to leave on “empty stomachs.” We were treated to fried chicken, meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs, green beans, candied yams, pop and water. We “dug in!” After “the eats,” Washington reminded us of the contributions he had made to Detroit musicians as they made their way to stardom. According to him, some have acknowledged his contribution, others do not feel he deserves a “friendly hello.” Well . . . that’s life.

Promoter Johnny Washington, true to his promoter image, handed out flyers. I am not sure I am available for that weekend, but maybe you will be, so . . . see the happenings!

Music and the Ferguson Dotson Family have a long history. And . . . glancing over my shoulder, a new generation has begun. Let the Ferguson Dotson Family and music continue!

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